Keith M. Rettig
22932 NE 150th Street
Woodinville, WA 98077

Objective To design the interfaces of tomorrow's technology, be it product, web site, or infrastructure, for the users of today and beyond.

Ph.D. Coursework Completed, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Old Dominion University - Norfolk, Virginia
Human Factors major; Personnel Psychology minor (Coursework complete)
Dissertation (terminated): Perception of Trust in a Computerized Performance Appraisal Process

M.S., General Psychology, 1993.12
Old Dominion University - Norfolk, Virginia

B.A., General Psychology, 1989.05
University of California, San Diego - La Jolla, California
Philosophy minor

Skills LDAP, email, web server, IP services, customer self-provisioning, and Directory Enabled Networks (DEN). Experienced in usability design and testing within web framework, coding in HTML, establishing web presence, and conducting webmaster duties. Growing capacity for content development and business/publishing model integration for web sites.

Highly skilled with Macintosh computers and most Macintosh software. Experienced with Windows™ and mainframe systems. Trained in usability testing, multivariate statistics, and prototyping. Some facility with networking and telecommunications, LabView, JavaScript, and UNIX. Proficient with SAS and LISREL.

Professional Experience

Web Designer, Database Design & Administration, and President, inc. [1997.11 - present]

Designed and implemented first Multi-Source Feedback process via the web. Web site allows organizations to handle the immense communication issues and data collection nightmares associated with conducting multi-source feedback. Survey access is distributed via e-mail and respondents complete surveys via password-protected system. All data analyses are computed by the system and the Feedback Reports are presented via the web site as well. Administration capabilities such as Feedback Review confirmations, response rates, and statistical analyses are also available to the client.
Designed and implemented a monthly employee attitude survey process. Such a process would be used for detecting the "pulse" of the organization.
Designed and implemented a web-based assessment center in-basket exercise for a client. In-basket exercise is very realistic as a work sample test for today's information worker. Tool has an email client, a daily scheduler, and a contact manager. Our on-line survey tool is also integrated to allow for any needed testing or information gathering.

Utilized excess bandwidth and storage capacity by providing web hosting and data management services for personal sites and small businesses. Maintain such services for over 80 domains; including several I/O Psychology consortiums and a political candidate. -
The Shred Stop, LLC [2007.09 - 2018.10]

The ShredStop is a high-speed self-serve crosscut shredding kiosk for personal, home, and small business usage allowing our customers to shred their private information at up to twenty (20) times faster than a home shredder. Our kiosks are located conveniently at local grocery stores and are very simple to use.

Kiosk was designed by us without needing any assistance from the manufacturer's engineers and is integrated with a commercial scale shredder. Branding of all materials was also implemented by us. Iterative designs of kiosk, branding, interface and software were all pre-tested using future customers' input.

Contracts were negotiated, vendors monitored, and software tested by both partners. Software for interface was designed and written with usability, scalability, maintainability in mind.

The Shred Stop -

Systems Engineer
Professional Services, Telcordia Technologies (previously Bellcore) [1998.06 - 2000.05]

Part of team that designed network for a national ISP that integrated email services, Usenet News services, and network access via RADIUS by utilizing LDAP servers and a web-based provisioning process that allowed the millions of customers to provision themselves and configure their services to fit their needs without the use of staff.
Participated in design and proposal writing for extremely large international organization request for global email service, regionalized Usenet News service, and global roaming network access using distributed-designed LDAP services and centralized service management.
Developed and delivered introductory course in Directory Enabled Networks.
Continue to succeed in the workplace while being a virtual employee by applying internet technology, a solid work ethic, and a strong team orientation.

Web Designer and Usability Engineer
Rapid Applications - Internet Information Solutions Group, Bellcore [1995.08 - 1998.06]

Performed such duties as web site development, heuristic evaluation, site testing, project management, and some graphic design. Integrated back-end programming with front-end interface while working closely with engineers and programmers in specifying product requirements. Followed projects from conception to product delivery. Conducted web usage and volume capability testing for large transactional web sites. Helped Bellcore establish a presence in the WWW community via the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth International WWW Conferences, participating on the team that designed Bellcore's award winning web site, and designing the WebCollaborator™ virtual office interface. Succeeded in the workplace while being a virtual employee by applying internet technology.

Bellcore -
5th WWW Conference - - expired link
6th WWW Conference - - expired link
Locateit -
SMS/800 -
IITP - - expired link

Web Designer and Usability Engineer
Internet Solutions Group, Bellcore [1995.01 - 1995.08]

Developed skills regarding web site development, heuristic evaluation, and usability design. Along with project leader, designed navigation and orientation cues to improve on-line shopping paradigm and developed a dynamic HTML delivery system for high profile technology trial (MediaPark™). Other responsibilities included video-conferencing product evaluations, system component evaluation and redesign for SuperBook™, and user model development for ISDN Advisor™. Authored Usability Design Requirements for database integration system. Developed and submitted with co-worker a proposal for a new HTML tag to the IETF - HTML working group.

Web Analysis Consultant
Cybershop [1995.10 - 1995.11]

Completed first phase of web site review that included code modifications, navigation and orientation cue design, as well as continued on-line shopping paradigm development. Unfortunately, their business failed to become a success.
Cybershop - - expired link

Web Designer and Usability Engineer
InfoFirst [1995.11 - 1996.07]

Conducted web site review, heuristic evaluation, and site design for ArtNow's Gallery Guide. Performed usability design work on several consultant projects.
Gallery Guide - - expired link
InfoFirst -

Web Master
Cynosure [1995.07 - 1997.11]

Designed, constructed, and implemented a CD music review web site. Career got in the way of scaling up the process.
Cynosure -

Training Consultant
Canon Virginia, Inc. [1994.09 - 1995.03]

Designed with team a comprehensive, cost-effective strategy for developing and evaluating training programs. Addressed needs assessment, instruction delivery, and content validation.

Computer Services Consultant
Office of Computing & Computer Services, Old Dominion University [1993.05 - 1993.09]

Responsibilities included maintenance of hardware, user help desk, and software training for entire Macintosh community on campus. Participated in establishing Macintosh computer lab for student use.

Information Technology Consultant
Academic Television Services, Old Dominion University [1992.05 - 1994.06]

Computer consultant for department with responsibilities including software training and upgrading, conducting assessments for future technology needs, and hardware maintenance. Provided computer technology requirements for development of telecourse program.

Teaching Experience
Teaching Assistant
Education, Curriculum, and Instruction, Old Dominion University [1991.08 - 1993.05, 1994.08 - 1994.12, 1995.05 - 1996.12]

Assisted professor of introductory education course entitled "Social and Cultural Implications of the American School System." Graded all papers, designed and graded all quizzes and tests, worked with students daily, and assigned semester-end grades. Computerized professor's notes, handouts, and grade administration. Developed materials and computer presentation for telecourse. Developed and designed web-based quiz administration interface (TeleQuiz 2.0). Still continue to consult for current teaching assistant on technology and website design issues.

ECI 300 -

Statistical Tutor
Education, Curriculum and Instruction Department, Old Dominion University [1993.01 - 1993.05]

Assisted graduate students conducting statistical analyses for required course, two dissertations, and several comprehensive exams.

Virginia School of Polygraphy [1992.10, 1993.04]

Taught two-day introductory psychology course, with both academic and applied focus, to law enforcement officers training to be certified polygraph administrators.

Virginia Public Educators Network [1992.10]

Designed course to train novice users how to access the internet, newsgroups, and e-mail via the VaPEN.

Research Presentations Hamill, L. S., Wells, L. G., Rettig, K. M., & Dew, A. (1999, April). Measuring performance via the web: Lessons learned. Paper presented at the Fourteenth Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Atlanta, GA.

Miller, B., Rettig, K., & Scerbo, M. (1994, October). The "Purple Haze" of Nonsignificant Results. Paper presented at 38th Human Factors & Ergonomics Society Conference.

Miller, R. & Rettig, K. (1997, April). Addressing the Toughest Web User Interface Challenges. Workshop presented at the 6th International World Wide Web Conference in San Jose, CA.

Miller, R. & Rettig, K. (1997, October). Addressing the Toughest Web User Interface Challenges. Workshop presented at the Federal Webmaster's Workshop in Bethesda, MD.

Miller, R. & Rettig, K. (1998, April). Addressing the Toughest Web User Interface Challenges. Workshop presented at the Computer Human Interaction Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Mondragon, N., Bartkus, K., Rettig, K., & Weiss, R.J. (2001, April). Information on XML. Paper presented at the Sixteenth Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, San Diego, CA.

Rettig, K. (1991, April). Effects of practice and feedback on the acquisition of leadership skills. Paper presented at Virginia Psychological Association Conference.

Rettig, K. (1993, April). The effect of prior cooperation and competition on approaches to a decomposed social dilemma problem. Paper presented at Virginia Psychological Association Conference.

Scerbo, M., Rettig, K., & Bubb-Lewis, C. (1994, February). Validation study of a task-related boredom scale. Paper presented at Second Annual Mid-Atlantic Human Factors Conference.

Schmitt, N., Shotland, A., Rogg, K., Kruse, B., Breyer, F.J., Rettig, K., & Drasgow, F. (1999, April). Symposium On Technology And Assessment. Paper presented at the Fourteenth Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Atlanta, GA.

Professional Associations
(Past & Present)
Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Associate Member, 2003.02 - present

Association for Computing Machinery
Member (SIG - CHI), 1995.04 - present

Graduate Association of Psychology Students
Member, 1991.08 - 1996.12

Human Factors & Ergonomics Society
Student Member, 1991.08 - 2001.01

Old Dominion University Student Chapter of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society
Student Member, 1991.08 - 1992.08; Vice-President, 1992.08 - 1993.08; President, 1993.08 - 1994.12; Member-at-Large, 1994.12 - 1995.08; President, 1995.12 - 1997.01; Member-at-Large, 1997.01 - 2000.05

Tidewater Macintosh Users Group
Member, 1992.07 - 1996.12

Virginia Psychology Association
Student Member, 1991.04 - 1995.08

References furnished upon request.